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Feroze Mohamood


Feroze Mohamood was born in Doha, Qatar on March 28, 1989. As the youngest of four brothers, Feroze was always, and will forever be loved as the baby in the family. Throughout his short but purposeful live, Feroze always maintained a remarkable ability to be mischevious and full-hearted at the same time. With a laughter that was louder than life, he brought incredible joy to everyone around him. Feroze's biggest achievement was teaching us and those around him how to live a life of courage, strength, and limitless resolve. During the last ten years of his life, Feroze went through many trials and tribulations. Even during the most difficult of times, Feroze maintained a strong presence and an indestructible spirit. He never ceased to show us the light even in the most trying of times, and that spirit will carry on in our family in his honor. The Feroze Mohamood Giving Fund was established to carry that light into the future.

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